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top ten of two strong soul of the house, but it is immediately Shanlue from, the trio direct interception down.
This time, manpower has been completely holding is, therefore, could only watch as the crowd actually admire that old bone and sprang quickly toward Coach thousand Yan Yan fire. Jie Jie, Coach, your old lady touches to create an opportunity for Juan.
Coach looked at the close of the fire with three thousand Yan Yan,, Mu bone in the eyes of the old man passing touch grinning,coach factory outlet store, palm, dark blue flame storm surge out, and then directly in front of Coach Tian Linggai severely beat up beat down. Winter!
Mu bone in elderly killer on the occasion, a majestic vastness of the underlying strength anomaly, but it is suddenly pierced the void, was severely hit directly on the bone Mu old chest. Puchi!
Sudden blow directly Mu bone is too old to make an instant pale complexion, a blood spray, immediately took to touch the eyes aghast, screamed Xuan Son? ‘ Soul of the house of mine, it really is not small, the King then sent so many of the strong.
Mu old man screaming just down the bone, a cold hoarse voice resounded through the sky sailed through the void in this piece of nothingness, and in between voice sounded hoarse, nothingness of space at the slight fluctuations, immediately a figure, slow slow to emerge. Outside delay failed. Caesar!
Seeing really is Xuan Son, Mu old bone is also eye pupil suddenly shrunk, gritted his teeth, act decisively shouted, since Xuan Son has appeared, that they be completely hopeless. Sheng a fall, Mu bone quickly pulled out a silver old jade Jane from Namibia to quit, do not hesitate to the crush away, majestic power space gush, a dark space cracks emerge.
Xuan Son has just appeared, and the remaining three soul of the house is equally venerable face upheaval,, there is no need to remind the elderly Mu bone, silver jade is easy to emerge under the pinch, a few cracks in space quickly emerge.
Now come, that leave to commemorate it.
Looking at the four run so fast soulHis Holiness
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